Monday, April 19, 2010

Spiral Jacobs - "Haintology" (2007)

SPIRAL JACOBS "Haintology"

Year: 2007
Genre: Avant-Garde Black Metal / Post-Rock
Country: UK

Track List:
  1. Abyssal Descent
  2. Nihilistic Paroxysm
  3. Hecatombist
  4. Numerological Exacerbation
  5. Columns of Morgagni
  6. Transcendental Abomination
  7. Invocation of Ancestral Malevolence
  8. Daybreak over Desolation
  9. Immured in Sorrow
  10. Insidious Reconstruction

"International Socialist Black Metal" from Northampton, UK. Spiral Jacobs is a project by socialist-leaning Northampton resident Dominic Fox, and the band name is a reference to "Iron Council", a steampunk novel by China Mieville (I haven't read it, but it looks definitely worth reading). The music on this album can be loosely described as depressive black metal mixed with post-rock and experimental electronic/ambient. Definitely not for the fans of "true" black metal, but anyone who enjoys really outstanding and experimental sound should check it out. Fans of Cascandian BM probably wouldn't be disappointed too. The quality of production is rather poor though, but not too bad for a self-released album.

"Guaranteed no white supremacism involved at any point in the conception or execution of any of these catchy numbers!" (c)

All these 10 tracks are available for free under a Creative Commons license. According to D.Fox, the next album will be called "Ontology of Violence", and will feature a more ambient sound.



  1. Nice to see some music represented from my "own" ideological tradition (IST) - thanks for all your great work bringing together the left wing in black metal.

  2. I folded the "Ontology of Violence" tracks into Haintology eventually - the whole thing's available at A collection of dark ambient tunes called "Prolegomenon" is due out on Records On Ribs some time this year, and I hope to follow it up with "Venomenology" some time next year.