Monday, April 19, 2010

Morgon - "Morgon" (2010)

MORGON "Morgon"

Year: 2010
Genre: Anarchist Black Metal
Country: France

Track List:
  1. Alpages
  2. Le bleu pays
  3. Orage sur le bleu pays
  4. L'hymne du Morgon
  5. Le noir seigneur de la lande
  6. Et fjell i alpene
  7. Guerre celte
  8. Kautta laaksojen
  9. Drapeau noir
  10. Le noir metal c'est une putain d'guerre
  11. Faim de Transylvanie
  12. Le ver conquérant
  13. Les germes de pourriture
  14. Le Vatican en flammes
  15. Black mountains
  16. Burn the Vatican (avec Gerard et Andre) - bonus track

And finally - a long-awaited full-length debut album by Morgon, a radical anarcho-black metal project from France! It's a truly great work, very raw yet melodic and atmospheric. The archive contains lots of photos, lyrics and other info about the band - unfortunately, all in French. And if I remember all correct, they'll play a gig in Paris with Chambre Froide!



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  2. Hi there !

    SURTR has just added a new song after 1000 plays of the part I of our "World of doom" concept. It has been recorded at the same time of our first demo. Check that online :


    " If great riffs is whats needed for a quality doom metal then this track comes pretty close. Nothing original musically but a fine dose of doom writing just the same, they follow the blueprint of doom metal to the letter here but it is done with integrity and some passion to make a track that demands repeated spins. "
    8/10, DoomMantia

  3. - new blog

  4. It's not really new, both my blog and Red Metal blog were created at the end of september 2009. Also, more vegan metal bands: (though most of the bands from that list are more hardcore than metal)

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  6. Yes, it indeed was deleted from mediafire for unknown reasons... so here's multiupload link: