Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sibat - demo (2010)

SIBAT "demo"

Year: 2010
Genre: Raw Blackened Crust
Country: Philippines

Track List:
  1. Pulang Hukbo ng Bayan (People's Red Army)
  2. We'll Fight Them 'Till The End

Yes, the RABM movement exists even in Philippines! Sibat is an one-man project by Ka Mao, who lives somewhere in the northeast of Philippines, and he's obviously aware of my blog ;) These two tracks are ripped from youtube, but Sibat also have a myspace page.

I've never heard any Philippine punk or metal bands before, so can't compare Sibat with them. But at least this stuff is better than Zudas Krust or any other Malaysian or Indonesian crust band that I've heard. The vocals aren't in black metal way, but maybe it's even for good. Hope to hear more stuff from Sibat soon, and the Eastern Asian RABM scene will grow!


  1. More R&A BM for you to check out if you havent already, I found it from the Sibat myspace so you may have already heard it.

  2. Yes, I've seen their myspace, and I'll post their tracks in the near future. Anyway, thanks!

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  4. It`s great, I like such a rawness in music. I wanna MOAR RABM from Sibat from Philippines =)

  5. The New Peoples Army the Communist Arm in the Philippines continues to harass,TERRORIZES, kills and blow infrastructures here in this already backward thinking 3rd world country of ours, (on top of it being threatened/bullied by China) as much as I don't mind any political leanings in my black metal (yes I do listen to some NS even if i'm Asian), I bet my left nut this Ka Mao guy if given an opportunity to work in the capitalist US of A, he will grab it no questions asked like a chihuahua begging for a treat, we got a bunch of these "red" whining no good hypocrites here. No offense to this blog but fuck this kababayan (countryman) of ours.


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