Sunday, January 24, 2010

Plainwords - "A New World Lies in the Ashes of..." (2009)

PLAINWORDS "A New World Lies in the Ashes of..."

Year: 2009
Genre: Blackened Crust / Dark Hardcore / Post-Rock
Country: USA
Label: Lundr Records

Track List:
  1. Intro - Warehousing Children
  2. Catalonia
  3. Opacity
  4. A Letter From The Former United States - Outro

  • A.Lundr (Panopticon): drums/growl
  • Jeremy Fitzgerald (Samsa): guitar/howl
  • W.Crow (Wheels Within Wheels): guitar/bass
According to A.Lundr, Plainwords broke up last year due to some ideological differences with their bassist and Jeremy having some issues with time due to his job as a tattoo artist. Crow and Lundr decided to keep going by starting a new band, Seidr, who is touring right now with Peregrine and Velnias. There wouldn't ever be a full length by this "supergroup". There is, however, one final demo, which I bring to your attention right now.

In my opinion, the sound of this demo is relatively far from black metal, it's more like epic crust in the vein of Fall Of Efrafa, with elements of post-rock and sludge. I guess it's a tendency among many blackened crust and leftist black metal bands to become more and more influenced by sludge and even doom metal, isn't it?...
Well, enough for today. Now I'm too tired and sleepy, and I need to answer a lot of mail tomorrow. And the last thing for today will be a new interview with Panopticon: read it here.


  1. Horrible blog.
    Just a shallow consumerist thing without the slightest bit of interest for the music, the bands, the times.
    You really shouldnt do that.
    its a waste of others people talent

  2. Hi, coould you please star posting the bands link to myspace? So that people could listin first to teh music. It is a good ideia.

  3. Great job done with the blog. I'd only just suggest to divide Stalinist black metalist from the "communist black metal" tag, cause they're basically fascists :/

  4. hey red black if you want check these folks out :

    They play only in squats in the d.i.y vein.. very good band

  5. Thanks so much for this blog. I think it's a great resource, and a beacon of hope for anarchist black metal fans like myself. Cheers!

  6. Hey man I hope you will like band Karabathor. Itleigent and political death metal from czech republic. They were vegetarians and antifascists.

  7. Hey! Here S from Crucified Bastard.
    I know Black Trinity and they are totaly Antifa and DIY.
    Good Black Thrash Madness for those who like Aura Noir.

  8. check these two communist black metal bands:

    especially second of them is good.

  9. Yes, I know about Sibat and Black Trinity, and I'll post their releases in a couple of days. As for Canadian band, I haven't heard about them before, but they look interesting indeed. Thank you all for the support! I'll review your recommendations.