Monday, December 28, 2009

Suicide Nation - "A Requiem For All That Ever Mattered" (2001)

SUICIDE NATION "A Requiem For All That Ever Mattered"

Year: 2001
Genre: Blackened Hardcore
Country: USA
Label: Scorched Earth Policy

Track List:
  1. Upon Deaf Ears
  2. A Message Betrayed
  3. A Part Of Me Died Today
  4. 1000 Curses
  5. I Am Disease
  6. Requiem
  7. Circle Of Fools

Release notes:
Recorded in the thirty hours within two days at the Living Head Studios in Phoenix, AZ. Second album.

And finally, one of the first examples of pure anarchist black metal I've heard about only very recently. If I'm not misinformed, Suicide Nation were considered anarchist at the time, and their music was one of the main sources of inspiration for A.Lundr (Panopticon). I don't have any further info about Suicide Nation, but music is good. Even very good.

That's enough for today, I think. Though I don't have any more "pure" RABM right now, I have LOTS of blackened hardcore and Greek blackened crust, and I'm going to upload all that stuff after the new year. Stay tuned!

P.S. A comment from the band:

"Suicide Nation was never an anarchist band, nor a black metal band. We were definitely strongly influenced by and huge fans of early black metal and thrash. Our songs were about war with christianity, as well as self loathing and trying to escape those mindsets/ Our personal politics were leftist in nature to varying degrees, focused on DIY culture. Our first bassist was personally involved with the anarchist ideology... to classify, we were a metal influenced hardcore band"  


  1. this album is so fucking crucial that there arent words for it. check out the bands seven inch split with yaphet kotto.its brilliant.
    -A. Lundr

  2. great band. Marc of Fugitive Equilibrium posted their other releases:

  3. Awesome band.

    Also, I can upload the Wake side of the split with Skagos. Listening to it now, and so far it fucking rips. According to the insert it was recorded "during the midst of a snowstorm." Just let me know where to send the link, and I'll send it along in a few days.


  4. oh, ive forgotten how good this band was. thank you for remembering me!

    svante/ seeds in barren fields

  5. can you reupload all of this bands material please? i can't find any links for any of this stuff and i've been looking for awhile :) Thanks!