Monday, December 28, 2009

Chambre Froide & The Austrasian Goat - split (2009)

Year: 2009
Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal
Country: France
Label: 213 Records (Co-released by C.V.E. (Nor), Carbonized Cells (Fra), At War
  With False Noise (UK), Nuclear Thrash (Fra) and Wee Wee (Fra))

Track List:

The Austrasian Goat
  1. In the Arms of the Win
Chambre Froide
  1. Isolement Suicidaire

As far as I know, Chambre Froide (Cold Room) is an anarchist black metal project by the same people who're responsible for Gasmask Terror (d-beat/crust) and Ravensdöm (ABM).  Chambre Froide are from Bordeaux (France), and only a very little info is available about them, but their music is surprisingly good. There are at least one more release by them (a split tape with a band called Corbillard), but I haven't found it yet. On the other side, The Austrasian Goat - a rather strange one-man band which sound is in the intersection between black metal, post-rock and funeral doom.


  1. You should really check out more of The Austrasian Goat material. They are very Anarchist friendly. Laurent co-runs 213 records in France. Though, his music is more in the Doom realm, I do think that it would qualify as RABM none the less.

    Thanks for creating this blog.


  2. chambre froide also have this new tape called "la mort des cultes". as far as i know, when the first split tape came out, corbillard and chambre froide were both solo project. there's been only a few copies of this.

  3. the austrasian goat also took part in a compilation called "anarchist against the wall" along with many other bands.

    d. / black trinity

  4. Yes, I know about the compilation, but haven't got it yet. Are you from Black Trinity? Nice to see you here.

  5. Chambre Froide and Corbillard both started as single projects by two weirdos who lived together and are releasing music constantly through different bands and projects. The split tape with Corbillard is pretty cool. Chambre Froide's songs are kind of linear and simple in a good way, very inspired by Darkthrone, with programmed drums and a very raw sound. Corbillard is dark ambient and good as well. Now the dude from Corbillard also plays in Chambre Froide.

  6. yes i'm dimitris, the guitarist of black trinity. nice to meet you too. and thanx for the good words on our cd. i have one compilation that i can trade. want it? do you have something to trade with it?
    do you have an e-mail address that you use so we can talk from there?