Monday, December 7, 2009

Peregrine - "The Agrarian Curse" (2008)

PEREGRINE "The Agrarian Curse"

Year: 2006
Genre: Blackened Death Metal
Country: USA
Label: FC Records

Track List:
  1. Intro
  2. Anatomy of the Machine
  3. Empire's Playground
  4. Starvation's Servants
  5. Blood Over Borders
  6. The Domesticator's Hand
  7. Thirteen Days
  8. When the Lights Go Out
  9. Amor Fati

Most of you might already know Peregrine, a very convinced anarcho-primitivist black/death metal band from United States. As for me, their music is rather death metal with little black metal and blackened crust overtones, but they're considering themselves as a "black and green metal" band. Though they have very radical views on environmentalism and anarcho-primitivism (too radical even for me), their album is definitely worth checking out.


  1. anarchoprimitivist black metal!!!


    grettings from the souht of souht america!

  2. thanx for all the free chaos