Thursday, October 15, 2009

Timebomb - "Full Wrath Of The Slave" (1997)

TIMEBOMB "Full Wrath Of The Slave"

Year: 1997
Genre: Hardcore / Metalcore with Symphonic Black Metal overtones
Country: Italy
Label: CrimethInc. / Genet Records

Track List:
  1. Days Of Steel
  2. Back To The Fire Age
  3. Deathblow
  4. Flames Of Disorder
  5. Witness Of Demise
  6. One Solution
  7. Army Of Conviction
  8. Dig Your Own Grave

"Italian, vegan straight edge, anarcho-communist black metal". Back in the 2005, it was the first anarchist black metal I've heard about, and that description was haunted me for a number of months. "SxE anarcho-communist black metal... I wonder how it may sound!"

I couldn't find any music by Timebomb on internets until the beginning of 2009, when I finally dug out "Full Wrath Of The Slave". Unsurprisingly, this album sounds not much like black metal, but anyway it's truly an outstanding release. The quality of production is just great, and hardcore/metalcore with keyboards and symphonic black metal overtones is something I've never heard before. And the latest song, "Dig Your Own Grave", can be considered the first RABM song ever, I think. Overall a great release, a must-listen to everyone! If you have any earlier releases by Timebomb ("Fury", "Hymn For A Decaying Empire" or any other), please message me!

P.S. Here's an interview with Timebomb in Chaotik Webzine #8.


  1. great band, too bad one of its members (the singer?) now fronts the infamous rac/hatecore band SPQR

  2. Two questions (I now love this band! Thanks!)

    Is it possible to get the lyrics in english... or the lyrics at all? I really want to know what they are saying.

    Did they make anymore albums after these three? I'm really enjoying these first three albums.

  3. Unfortunately, not much is known about this band (even no photos), and I couldn't find their lyrics anywhere. They have released at least one more album ("The Beat Is Here Fellas"), but it's nothing like hardcore or metal.

  4. None of the guys are playing in SPQR. There is another band called TimebombSSSSSS from that region that is a RAC band and is linked to SPQR.

    BTW could you pleaaaase reupp that stuff?

    1. So it's another band with a similar name? Well, that explains everything, good to hear it.
      Unforunately it IS a reupload, but the link has expired since then. Don't know why there's not many people to download such great albums as this one, or Terzij de Horde's debut one.

  5. yep,another band another story,another re up wuld be great ... Speaking of bands connected to the rome's Timebomb,if you got the ep by that band Redemption to listen along with the split it should be great.Sorry for the "engrish"..cheers up!

  6. Thx for the reupp BK!!!