Thursday, October 15, 2009

Neverchrist - "Latinoamerican Elite of Antinazi Black Metal" (2007)

NEVERCHRIST "Latinoamerican Elite of Antinazi Black Metal"

Year: 2007
Genre: Black Metal
Country: Brazil

Track List:
  1. Intro
  2. Disgrace of Eternal Darkness
  3. Corrosive Rivers of Blood
  4. Neverchrist
  5. Antinazi Black Metal
  6. Silent Torment
  7. Outro
  8. Temple of Darkness (The Tomb of God)

Speaking of sound, this release doesn't differ much from any other typical "true black metal" album. But it's the first anti-religious and anti-nazi black metal release from Latin America, and it's what makes this album so special. Neverchrist also have recorded a cover version of a song "Satanarquia" by another Brazilian black metal band Agnus Negrae, and it's reportedly their best work up to date. But unfortunately this track wasn't released on an album.

Brazil seems to have a very low amount of neo-nazis in general; however, there are a few Brazilian R.A.C and NSBM bands, and it's great to see bands from Latin America against NSBM crap.
P.S. I want an anarchist black metal band from Venezuela ;)

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  1. Thanks for this! Love your blog. By the way, I'm from Venezuela, and I have to ask... why do you wan't an anarchist black metal band particularly from Venezuela? I don't know any anarchist BM bands from there but there are a few very good black metal projects I know about (although I don't live in Venezuela anymore)
    I'll ask an anarchist friend that lives there but I really doubt there is a RABM band over there.