Sunday, October 25, 2009

Panopticon & Lake Of Blood - split (2009)


Year: 2009
Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal
Country: USA
Label: Lundr Records

Track List:

  1. Haunted America
  2. La Passione di Sacco & Vanzetti
Lake of Blood
  1. Eternal in My Domain
  2. Lake of Blood (live)
  3. Eternal in My Domain (live)
Thanks to 7inchcrust for uploading this one! I was desperately seeking for this spilt during a number of months, and finally I got it. Now I have a complete collection of all releases by Panopticon.

However, this release was slightly disappointing to me. The tracks by Lake of Blood sound rather like death metal rather than black, and they're somewhat boring when compared to other stuff by that band. Panopticon's half of the album is slightly weak too, when compared to "Collapse" or "It's Later Than You Think". But anyway, Panopticon is still the best RABM act, and this release is definitely worth listening to
Release notes:

"Panopticon: anarcho-pagan black metal. Lake of Blood: aggressive vegan black metal. Two of North America's most honest & controversial bands together in one split album. All proceeds are to be donated to animal rights organizations. Protect the animals, protect the earth, protect yourself.

The product in your hands is a result of D.I.Y. ethics. It was hand silk screened on recycled cardboard and made entirely local in Louisville, KY. Limited to 200 hand made copies. Pay no more than $8.00.
Featuring one new studio track from Lake Of Blood “Eternal In My Domain” a brutal epic of blasting drums plus exclusive live tracks; pure aggression and soaring guitars.

On the other side Panopticon joins with the 11 minute epic “La Passione Di Sacco & Vanzetti”.
A brutal, atmospheric track written in memory of slain italian anarchists Bartolameo Vanzetti and Nicola Sacco, murdered by the US government in 1927. Sung in italian, this track was recorded just after the s/t album sessions.

Panopticon is: A. Lundr. Thanks to kith, kin, fellow musicians, the gods.

Lake of Blood is: Haagr - throat. Nordic - strings. Samael - strings. Nazalath - battery. Saffyrion - bass."


  1. i've downloaded this album twice, 1 mp3 is fucked up, the second panopticon song, la passione di sacco & vanzetti, if you could fix it, it would be amazing

  2. yes, the same happens to me.
    now i'm downloading from 2nd link