Sunday, October 25, 2009

Iskra - "Bureval" (2009)

ISKRA "Bureval"

Year: 2009
Genre: Blackened Crust
Country: Canada
Label: Black Raven Records

Track List:

  1. Hounds Of Order
  2. Within The Black
  3. Dubrovlag
  4. Bureval
  5. Okhrana
  6. Okeanos
  7. Krondstat
  8. Wolf Of Winter
  9. 80,000
  10. Wie Alles Anfing


Finally, a long-awaited new album by the RABM pioneers Iskra was released! It's just as good as their debut ablum - fast and extreme blackened crust with ultra-political lyrics. I've noticed that some song names are in Russian (as well as the name of the band, though), and the lyrics seem to be anti-Stalinist and anti-totalitarian. Overall a very good release, just as expected from Iskra.


  1. thanks for this, i didn't listen it before.
    Radioskugga cover is here:
    and Timebomb-Hymn For A Decaying Empire
    enjoy it :)

  2. can you upload the lyrics, please???
    especially Krosndstat!


  3. Sorry, I couldn't find the lyrics anywhere :( Maybe you should ask the band for them?

  4. in their myspace they dont show any mail :( !!

    thanx for answer

  5. I just picked this album up from their store (blackraven) but then realized i dont have a tape player to listen to it on right now so thanks go this

  6. New Official Iskra website is up and running (although some things are still to be added) at included with lyrics and mp3 to listen to and to download. eventually there will be all the art in pdf format for download.

  7. Best fucking album... that's all.