Saturday, October 10, 2009

Dernier Martyr - Plague Of Our Lands (2009, split)

DERNIER MARTYR "Plague Of Our Lands" (split w/ Lifeless Sorrow & All The Cold)

Year: 2009
Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal / Post-Rock
Country: Russia
Label: Self Mutilation Services

Dernier Martyr are: Anton and Nick (all music and lyrics).

Track List:
  1. Follow The River, Towards The Sea...
  2. This Is The Last Time He Talks To Birds...
  3. Angels´ Throats

Dernier Martyr are a duo from Togliatti (Russia), and they're playing very post-rockish depressive/atmospheric black metal. They don't have any political lyrics, but they're 100% anti-nazi, and when I talked to one of the band members, he described himself as an "anarcho-socialist".

This release is a split album with two more DSBM bands: Lifeless Sorrow from South Africa and All The Cold from Russia. Honestly I don't like this one that much. In my opinion, the split "The world comes to an end in the end of a journey..." is much better, and I'm goind to upload it right now. Look for updates!

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