Saturday, October 10, 2009

All The Cold - Plague Of Our Lands [split] (2009)

ALL THE COLD "Plague Of Our Lands" [split]

Year: 2009
Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal
Country: Russia
Label: Self Mutilation Services

Track List:
  1. Suicidal Vapour
  2. Coldness Of Another Universe
  3. Smile Of The Grim

I know it's completely out of my blog's format, but I can't resist temptation to post that one. All The Cold is a duo from the very north of Russia (Murmansk), and they're playing amazing atmospheric industrial black metal. I don't know anything about their ideolody (if they have any), but at least they did a split with Dernier Martyr, and South African band Lifeless Sorrow; furthrmore, they have worked with Finnish and Mexican people, so it's very unlikely if they're supporting NSBM or any extreme right-wing beliefs. (UPD: they're confirmed for supporting the RABM scene)

These tracks are a wonderful piece of wintry music, I suggest listening to them even if you don't like black metal with keyboards that much. At least, it's good black metal from Russia, which is a rather rare thing ;P

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