Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Dead Musician - split w/ The Austrasian Goat (2007)

THE DEAD MUSICIAN "The Dead Musician / The Austrasian Goat"

Year: 2007
Genre: Black Metal
Country: France
Label: 213 Records /Altsphere

Track List:
  1. Nihilism
  2. Active Disobedience
  3. Call From The Grave (Bathory cover)
  4. Deathcrush (Mayhem cover)
  5. Doom For The True Heretics

"Nihilistic nordic way of life"... hmm. This is the first part of The Dead Musician / The Austrasian Goat split album, and it's one of the earliest examples of pure anarchist black metal (not derived from blackened crust). The sound is very chaotic and raw, and the vocal parts are a bit annoying to me. But overall, it isn't a bad release.

The Dead Musician is an one-man project by JeFF, who is responsible for many more black metal, death metal, thrash metal and industrial projects (though all that stuff is very hard to find). All his music is distributed through his own label Altsphere.

"All my works are under the influence of all musical scenes from classical music to grindcore. I'm identified with no scene indivdually because none offers something that suits me completely. That's why I created my own identity in moving in different scenes, rubbing shoulders with different persons and discovering that really suits me.

All my works are inspired by various subjects but each one is always including message, state of mind,...Indeed, music is only a vehicle of pleasure and communication. That's why, lyrics, artworks, atmospheres,...are as important as music.

I'm not apolitical. I think each choice is a political one. That's why I've a strong Do It Yourself ethic and I don't wanna communicate with people distributing NSBM.

I don't belong to any country, any party or any group. I'm NOT especially proud to be French, European or Earthman. I'm just a human being and I don't need to belong to anything to feel alive. I'm a part of nothing in this world. I'm just a free-thinker" (c) JeFF, from the Altsphere website.

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