Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Dead Musician - "Mind Liberation For Canadians" (2009)

THE DEAD MUSICIAN "Mind Liberation For Canadians"

Year: 2009
Genre: Black Metal
Country: France
Label: No Values Records / Altsphere

Track List:
  1. Black Metal Terror
  2. Up the Winter (and the North sings along)
  3. Selling the Rockies
  4. Hockey Stick Massacre
  5. Quebec's survival
  6. Destroy the bible camp
  7. You, my enemy
  8. Facing the Prairies
  9. Freedom Territories
  10. Canadian Metal (Darkthrone cover)

The latest full-length release by JeFF (aka The Dead Musician) features 10 tracks with much better quality of production when compared to his early works. It's more or less generic black/thrash metal, nothing really special and/or innovative about it. However, it's a good album, and it's definitely worth listening - if you're a fan of true black metal.

Just like any other releases of The Dead Musician since 2007, this album has an eco-anarchist and non-conformist ideological background. Many people have noticed that this kind of ideolody suits BM very well. Hope in the future we'll see much more interesting releases from Altsphere. By the way, here's some pictures of JeFF travelling to Canada's north:


  1. hi, thanks for a great blog. in case you still need earlier stuff by the dead musician here are the links:

  2. Great! Thank you very much for the links.

  3. Thx for support and excellent blog by the way! Fuck NSBM !!!!!


  4. Hello JeFF, great thanks to you! It's good to see RABM musicians here.

  5. I saw you're searching for old DEAD MUSCIAN releases. Do you want them as mp3 or as cd-r ?
    I still have them, I can send it to you.

    contact me :