Saturday, May 17, 2014

Sadomasochistic - "Grindustrial Rip-off" (2014)

SADOMASOCHISTIC "Grindustrial Rip-off"

Year: 2014
Genre: Grindcore/D-Beat
Country: Mexico

Track List:
  1. Punk Slut a Variation of Chaos U.K
  2. D-Beat suite of Anti-Cimex with Radio Signal
  3. Be My Fuckin' Whore from GG Allin
  4. Sado and all MetalThrashBlackDeathCore is the same bored shit except Motörhead
  5. Bathory Shit and grand finale of Doom Rock

"The simply fact to do our own noise is democratic anarchy, to do that we want and as we like us,our free will, most of mexican bands are playing the same covers of the same bands that every knows only to be accepted by the crowd. First two tracks as a tribute and three last as a joke. we promote the term DO IT YOURSELF! We are two: mkrieg on guitar and programming and axel playing bass and voices, the drums are programmed on a computer it shows that there is no limits to create, so it explains the album title. The name of the band are about how humanity like the pain, we dont earn any money recording and playing this...

Ripping riffs from some D-Beat bands and a track of the amazing shit of GG Allin covered in five simple words "suck suck suck my dick"... Included a final instrumental jam in the vein of the early Bathory the return...

All drums are programmed, bass voice and guitars are recorded live a la Godflesh style. 
There aren't lyrics, only are words spoken spontaneously..."

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