Monday, May 12, 2014

Regnvm Animale - s/t EP (2014)


Year: 2014
Genre: Epic Crust/Metal
Country: Sweden

Track List:
  1. Frånvaro
  2. Samsara
  3. Entropi
  4. Rovdjursdrift
  5. När kroppens samtliga funktioner totalt och oåterkalleligt fallit bort
  6. Kollaps
  7. Avståndets kyla

"Regnum Animale is a Swedish extreme metal duo. Born in the soil of Swedish d-beat and crust. The songs on this first release circles around topics like freedom and being traped and unfree, alienation towards civilization and the state of human society today"

It's a bit different from most Scandinavian crust I've heard (a bit more melodic, and the vocal style is somewhat peculiar), yet it's quite good for a debute EP. I agree with them that it'd fit my blog very well.

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