Saturday, September 7, 2013

Contraktor - "Private Contractor" (2013)

CONTRAKTOR "Private Contractor"

Year: 2013
Genre: Anarchist Harsh Noise
Country: USA 


 Contraktor is an anonymous noise/PE project from the Kansas City. It's a solo project by "Jonny Antibiotic" (this pseudonym has nothing to do with his real name), who also tried to start an experimental hardcore/grind project with another local anarchist in 2011. It never went anywhere, yet they did manage to record one very raw instrumental demo, inspired by the events of the Arab Spring. This project is entirely  instrumental too, but feautes a different kind of music... or anti-music? "Private Contractor" is his first DIY album, released as a spray-painted CDr in a handmade paper sleeve with a folding paper insert. Initially is was meant to be recorded by analog means onto tape; instead it was recorded cheaply and electronically (according to the release notes, which also suggest to play it "loud at a loud volume"). Right now J.A. is working on his second release. 

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  1. Nice! Love when you post power electronics