Thursday, April 19, 2012

Tamut Amen - a new video

As I recently got to know, TamutAmen are facing forward in the first tour in Europe starting in mid-May that will include the following countries France / Germany / Sweden / Belgium / Denmark. The physical release of their debut EP is should be available in mid-May as well. And here's an excellent video of their live recordings @ Pikover Studios (3.2.12 Tel Aviv):

Track list:

  • 1:03 - Million Pills
  • 2:53 - The Dark Kingdoms
  • 4:55 - She Returned
  • 7:13 - Human Disease
  • 10:59 - Sticks to the Bones
  • 14:03 - Outro


P.S. TamutAmen's guitar player also played in Sinat Hinam a few years ago, but they stopped playing as their lead singer moved to Sweden. The stuff by Sinat Himan and a lot of other Israeli punk/hardcore bands is available from Giora's FTP - probably the most complete collection of IsraHELL punk on the net.

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