Saturday, April 21, 2012

Күн Тахсыыта - "Олох Ыарахан" (2011)

KYH TAXCbIbITA "Олох Ыарахан"

Year: 2011
Genre: Hardcore/Metalcore
Country: Russia

Track List:
  1. Түмүккэ Тиийэн Кэлэн
  2. Ёлёр Күнүн Үүнүёр Диэри
  3. Эн Утары Бары Бардахтарына

Yesterday, on April 20, there were 14 entries posted in my blog this month, and 88 entries posted this year in total. I think it's about time to break this combo by posting something that's definitely not nazi (not nesessary BM).

Meet Kun Tahsyyta, the only known hardcore band with lyrics in Yakut language. While Yakutia is commonly considered the outskirts of Russia (and the world in general), I was pleased to know that there are our comrades too. Can't understand their lyrics, but according to the band, their main lyrical themes are the realities of modern society (injustice, apathy, brutality, greed, chauvinism) and protest against any infringement of anyone's right. As of 2011, Kun Tahsyyta is much more hardcore than metal, but this 3-track demo contains their earlier recordings which were more influenced by black and death metal (the closest analogue would be probably На Выжженной Земле). Of course the quality of production (especially regarding vocals) is far from perfect, but it's DIY stuff made in a place where hardly any rock/metal scene exist. Support the Yakut underground!

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