Tuesday, September 6, 2011

GoddessX - "Future Elegy" (2010)

GODDESS-X "Future Elegy"

Year: 2010
Genre: Raw Black Metal, Noise Rock
Country: USA

Track List:

  1. Metamorphic Crunch
  2. Menstrual Asylum
  3. A Star Emerges
  4. Goddess of MindXpansion
  5. Eternal Death


"GoddessX is an American singer, songwriter, guitarist, percussionist, and artist living in beautiful Crozet, Virginia. Originally from Bedford County, Pennsylvania, she spent the first 25 years of her life surrounded by an oppressive, anti-intellectual, right-wing Christian monoculture. Her art and music is a war against such ignorance and self-denial. Extreme isolation gave her the space she needed to develop the resourcefulness, independence, and imagination that typifies all of her work" - official biography

What can I say? The first similar project that comes to my mind is DödsÄngel, but GoddessX' music is even more harsh and raw. I'd say it's comparable to Orisha Shakpana in terms of quality of production, so if you aren't into noisy and chaotic stuff - then steer away. You can also listen to it at SoundCloud and decide if it's worth downloading. However, it's still pretty interesting record (at least for a first home-made demo), and I'll wait for a second EP, which is announced to come out in summer 2012. 

Her music appears to be strongly influenced by Thelema, chaos magick... and of course, anarchist ideology. That's a relief to see someone who's really into chaos magick and anarchism at the same time... because the majority of the "chaos mages" I've came across are so-called "national anarchists", "national liberals" or some other shit like that; and the most prominent Thelemite out here is Misha Verbitsky, whose political views are also very controversial (but nevertheless interesting). However, I've strayed away from the topic. Perhaps I should write a separate post about Russian anarcho-mysticism (quite interesting subject which is highly relevant to my blog), but right now let's talk about GoddessX and her music. Hope all the enthusiasts of extreme and aggressive female-fronted music will enjoy her debut EP, despite the amateur quality of recording... and if you wish to get in contact with her, you can try it through last.fm. Or facebook.

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