Monday, April 19, 2010

Orisha Shakpana - demo (2006)


Year: 2006
Genre: Raw Black/Pagan Metal
Country: Jamaica

Track List:
  1. Satanic Powers in Jamaican Hills
  2. The Offspring of Gashanami

Orisha Shakpana isn't a RABM band, but it's a really unique project. It started in 2004 as a 3-piece band called "Dark Cirkus", but now Orisha Shakpana is an one-man project. Looks like there aren't any other metal bands in Jamaica at all, as well as an audience for such kind of music, and it may be the reason for Orisha Shakpana not recording anything new after 2007. However, during 2006-2007 two full-length demo albums were recorded, but they aren't available anywhere - with exception of these two tracks.

As of today, Orisha Shakpana is an only black metal project made by black people, with lyrics based on the Central African mythology (and I'm sure it's free from any kind of white, black, or whatever else racist propaganda). For example, the 2nd track on this demo is based on the legend of the African god of Vengance, Gashanami:

"I evoke the black bull
I evoke Gashanami
to continue his vengeance upon mankind

In the winter solstice
He haunts you
The black bull of Trelawny
His long black horns impale the human
The ghastly black bull
slayer of the Christans
Slayer of Myal, the white magick
Slayer of all good and pure
The bloodthirsty god of vengance wants your death
as he spreads across the island
behind his flaming eyes is death
He snorts nothing but smog and fire

Hail Gashanami - The impaler of Trelawny

The black bull was evoked
by the Obeah man
to send forth the legion of Darkness
To slaughter the Christians
Behold the demon bull rides out of the pits of Hell!!!!"


P.S. There's also a folk/black metal project in Cameroon called Ngos'a Bedimo, and they seem to be the only metal band in a whole Central Africa. Most of people there just aren't aware of existence of such music, but hopefully it will change. Here's their promo video:


  1. Check out wrust or crackdust from botswana... in Africa are many metal bands , even metal festivals... if you are interested

  2. Very cool post. I just discovered this band and was researching on the internet for my own blog. great post.

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