Tuesday, July 27, 2010


When I gathered information for my previous post, I found one more band that deserves your attention. Meet Trelleborg, a viking/humppa/folk metal band from SPb, Russia, whose music is inspired mainly by Finnish metal scene. However, they also made cover versions some old Soviet songs. Here's their version of "Katyusha", check it out if you find Mrakobesie's version of it too harsh!

According to their myspace, they're an apolitical band, and most importantly - they doesn't promote any kind of fascist ideology (you know how much the eastern European metal scene is involved in that shit...) And finally - one of the tracks from their 2006 demo, again a cover version of an old Soviet song:

Trelleborg - Песня о тревожной молодости


  1. YAY u're dammn ass cool dude! fuck all those nazi-scum

  2. Yeah, keep the music coming - I don't know much about the style, so you're now my official source for this music!

  3. You are completely retards. How the fuck Black Metal has to do with anarcho/communism? Black Metal is anti-human, anti-righteous and anti- political correct. Haven't you even heard of the concepts of Satanism? "each man for his own", "the law of the jungle"?
    You fucking stink dudes.

  4. Lol @ "the law of the jungle". The "trve & kvlt" kiddies who believe in it probably wouldn't survive a few days in the country which really sees daily violence. And the majority of RABM bands are atheist or pagan, not satanist. Read Panopticon's interviews (for example), and don't ask any more stupid questions.