Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Baphometro - "Legião de Paga-paus" (2008)

BAPHOMETRO "Legião de Paga-paus"

Year: 2008
Genre: 8-bit/Noisecore/Raw Black Metal
Country: Brazil

Track List:
  1. Esperando Ansiosamente Pelo Apocalipse
  2. O Fantastico Mundo De Jesus Cristo
  3. Obscura Legiao - As Forcas Do Mal De Algeroth
  4. O Mundo Magico De Satanas
  5. A Marca Da Besta - Da Besta Da Sua Irma
  6. Manual Pratico De Magia Negra
  7. Axelay - O Maniaco Da Montanha Encantada
  8. Kit Completo De Ritual Satanico
  9. Belzebu Na Ilha Da Fantasia - DemonsCrest
  10. Nao Me Obrigue A Chamar O Lulu
  11. Nosferatu - O Pequeno Principe Das Trevas
  12. O Inferno E O Meu Lugar
  13. O Demonio Da Orquestra

First of all, I need to apologize for not updating my blog for too long. Unfortunately it takes a lot of time and effort, so the updates would be rare :( Nevertheless, today I have something worth your attention.
Let's begin from "Legião de Paga-paus", a 2008 demo from Brazilian 8bit/noisecore/anarcho-punk/blackmetal/whatever else project. Baphometro formed in 2006 by xDevTscHx and Howler in São Paulo, Brazil, as a parody "straight edge black metal" band, and release 3 demos since that time. All of them are available for free on archive.org, and I want to bring the lastest one to your attention. Yes, of course it's shit, but it's funny shit! If you like toilet black metal/punk mixed with SNES tunes, then feel free to check it out.

"Baphometro started in the year 2006, trying to play True Satanic (joke) Black Metal, against the NSBM and against all the melodic black metal trend.
e-mail: devtsch@yahoo.com.br
msn: punkino77@hotmail.com


(c) - nem direito nem esquerdo reservado" - BAPHOMETRO 2008.


    thanxxx a lot for posting it!
    keep up the good work, cheers.


  2. i love game music, i love chiptunes, i love raw BM, so this piqued my interest, but i was certainly skeptical. turned out, this shit is amazing! grabbing the rest off archive.org ASAP!