Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Axegrinder - "Rise Of The Serpent Men" (1988)

AXEGRINDER "Rise Of The Serpent Men"

Year: 1988
Genre: Crust/Stenchcore/Thrash Metal
Country: UK
Label: Peaceville Records

Track List:
  1. Never Ending Winter
  2. Hellstorm
  3. Life Chain
  4. War Machine
  5. Evilution
  6. Rise of the Serpent Men
  7. The Final War

7 tracks of slow, gloomy and apocalyptic metal music (yes, it's much more metal than punk!). Axegrinder split up shortly after this release, to form a progressive metal band called Wartech - but it was very short-lived too. "Rise Of The Serpent Men" was later re-released as a part of "Acknowledge the Confusion Master" split with Prophecy Of Doom. Beside these releases, Axegrinder also had a live tape called "Live 11-7-87", but I haven't found it yet.


  1. 3rd and 7nd track are erroneous...
    great blog, thanks for so much great music...

  2. the same as above, tracks 3 and 7 are broken files

    thank you very much!