Sunday, February 28, 2010

Filth Of Mankind - "The Final Chapter" (2001)

FILTH OF MANKIND "The Final Chapter"

Year: 2001
Genre: Apocalyptic Crust/Metal
Country: Poland

Track List:

  1. Upadek
  2. Poszanowanie róznorodnosci
  3. W piekle codziennosci
  4. Obledna rzeczywistosc
  5. Rejs ku zagladzie
  6. Bastard
  7. Cywilizacja jednorazowego uzytku
  8. Zamkniety rozdzial


The 2nd release by Filth Of Mankind truly became a final chapter in their discography. The band is defunct now, but there's a project called Morne by some former members of FOM, and they're no worse than FOM.

This album is awesome, even better than "Czas Końca Wieku". What else can I say? Amebix and Axegrinder definitely should be proud to have such followers, and both albums by FOM are highly recommended to everyone who like dark, heavy, apocalyptic and politically charged music.


  1. you should explore some Celtic/pagan punk bands. not a new sub-sugenre but some hardcore and crust bands from Scotland and Ireland, their cover artworks were pagan driven and sometimes they were lyrically related with pagan stuff too, i have posted Scatha, Disaffect and Dagda 7"s in both of my blogs, check it. search also Quarantine, Iowaska, Oi Polloi and the Oroonies for a start

  2. Yes, I know about Scatha and Dagda. I heard their music in a first time about 3 years ago, but didn't like it then. Maybe I should listen to them one more time.

  3. To be precise - at the time you published this post F.O.M. was still playing however with a different line-up. But they split up in 2011 without recording any of the new stuff, so here it is. Some members of F.O.M. had also a side-project (which at some point shared ALL the members with what became F.O.M.'s final line-up) called Way To Nowhere - they recorded an unreleased album which can be downloaded here: Perhaps you should post it on your blog too? ;)

    1. Thanks, I'm downloading it right now! Hope it'd turn out as good as FOM and Morne.