Thursday, March 2, 2017

Dödläge - "Ritual Slaughter" (2017)

DÖDLÄGE "Ritual Slaughter"

Year: 2017
Genre: Metallic Crust
Country: USA

Track List:
  1. Sanctuary rites
  2. Internal crisis
  3. Victims of drug war
  4. Draconian law
  5. Starving for change
  6. Overdose of reality
  7. Pride of manipulation
  8. Architects of pression
  9. Hidden graves
  10. Enslaved profit
  11. Neohumanity
  12. Passive observers in a violent world
  13. Bloodsport
  14. Merciless onslaught
  15. Ritual slaughter
  16. This is bliss

Dödläge is a band from Portland, OR. That has been featured on our blog before and you can check it here.
This is their newest album with a very agressive sound, take the time to listen.

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