Friday, February 10, 2017


Hello all, I'm a new writer on this blog, looking forward to getting started. I live in Aotearoa New Zealand, and I've been a black-metal-loving tree-hugging anarchist for a few years now (and a vegan, had to mention that), and it took a while before I realised there was music I liked out there that aligned with my values - the first time I listened to Wolves in the Throne Room was a brilliant experience. Since then I've got further and further into Cascadian black metal, alongside folk metal, crust, sludge, grind, melodic death, in fact just about anything. My email should be in the "About" section of the blog by now, so please feel free to send demos and albums my way, and don't be shy if it's not within my usual range, I'm looking forward to hearing what's on offer and sharing my thoughts on it. Cheers, T.G.

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