Saturday, November 5, 2016

V/A - "In Black We Crust" (2016)

V/A "In Black We Crust"

Year: 2016
Genre: Blackened Crust, Stenchcore
Country: various

Track List:
  1. Kerberos - Musnah Menghitam
  2. Sataŋ - La Rose de Fer
  3. Kommando - IndoctriNation
  4. Nuisible - Proletarian Hung
  5. Coatl - Peste Morena
  6. 흑염소(Huqueymsaw) - Across The Devil's Metal Mountain
  7. Feral Light - Ultima Ratio Regum
  8. Mamedoro - 井戸の底 (Bottom of a Well)
  9. Nag - Soon
  10. World To Be Ashes - Fraud
  11. Sordide - Violence
  12. Avhath - I Blood Moon Rising
  13. Serpent Herder - To The Grave
  14. Dephosphorus - Extract the Soul
  15. Pale Hands - Burning Hate
  16. Vorpal Sword - Inflictor
  17. Seventh Circle - Deathtrap
  18. Seeds in Barren Fields - The Epitaph of the Vain and the Forgotten
  19. Saccage - Rosserie
  20. Necroabbot (死尸方丈) - Rise From Graves
  21. Stheno - Hail Nothing
  22. Ayperos - Hitam Temporer

A blackened crust compilation presented by the Scholomance Webzine. Features a lot of bands that I haven't heard of before, and most of which probably are apolitical, but there are some big RABM names as well. Supported by the members of Kerberos and Sordide. By the way, Sordide have released a new album not long ago, check it out too!

"The American motto is quite pushed around. From the In Crust We Trust created by the Obsence Extreme Fest, it mutated in In Grind We Crust ; since Crust also participated in the birth of Black Metal, we choose to present to you a compilation called In Black We Crust, which links Black Metal and its origins. The great Maxime Taccardi gracefully illustrated this compilation.

Don't only expect old-school Black Metal mixed with Crust. Crust gave birth to many other genres, and recently got more intellectual, in order to create a more and more powerful reflect of reality. Just like paintings of a chaotic world, those moments of primitive violence and melancholic reflections are here rendered in a mix of dirty Black Metal, and of Grind, Hardcore, Sludge, Doom, or even Drone and Post-Rock, a mix which always stays profoundly rooted in Crust sounds coming from all corners of the world"


  1. A lot of these bands are unfamiliar to me, but one band I can definitely vouch for is Huqueymsaw. They're a fantastic old-school black metal band with heavy thrash and punk influences, and though the lyrics are not political, the band's main member is definitely fighting the good fight, active in leftist/anarchist/pacifist protests, and has even been arrested for participating in protests against some of the bullshit from S Korea's ultra-conservative government. Definitely recommend checking out their EP at

    1. Good to know that, because I wasn't familiar with a lot of bands from this compilation (including this band) as well. I know there are ongoing protests against the current S.Korean president, does their leader take part in them? Also thanks for the link, will definitely check out their music.

  2. Though there are some bands I'm not too sure about. Vorpal Sword (I really enjoyed their sound tough) is another project of the guy behind Moonkinght, both at Rising Beast Prod. Moonknight has a Split with Moloch (Ukr). Didn't find too much about Moonkinght or Vorpal Sword in particular, but Moloch has a split from 2008 thet doesn't sound too RABM. Their mates have the illustrious names Iron Youth 88 and 88 "Unsere Krieg" on Acclaim Records.
    But nothing concrete, only some fishy coincidences(?), like most the time when doing some research about maybe-NSBM-bands. And then all the Links, because there might be something between Moonknight and Endlichkeit (pricipally another good listen), Endlichkeit are on Fallen Empire Records. And there's hardly any infromation about Endlichkeit anyways