Saturday, November 5, 2016

Mustasuo - "7" (2016)


Year: 2016
Genre: Black Metal, Blackened Punk
Country: Finland

Track List:
  1. Kohtu
  2. Valossa
  3. Yön arvet
  4. Lakeija
  5. Seitsemän
  6. Pimeydessä
  7. Musta huominen

Pretty good 7-track EP, even if I didn't like some of the vocal parts that much:
"Mustasuo was formed in Oulu, Finland in 2015 and plays a mixture of crust, grindcore, black metal and sludge. Our lyrics are not exclusively political, but some of them have strong leftist/antifascist overtones. Our first release "7" came out in September 2016 and in October we put out a split seven-inch vinyl with the grindcore band Napalm Ted. The name "Mustasuo" translates as "Black Swamp" and is the name of a district in Oulu"

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