Thursday, October 6, 2016

Trench foot - "Trench foot" (2016)

TRENCH FOOT "Trench foot"

Year: 2016
Genre: Drone/Noise
Country: Spain

Track List:
  1. Mito del Estado 
  2. Ensayo sobre la ubicuidad
  3. Sonata para Artaud
  4. Del mutismo y sus formas
  5. Díselo con flores

'Trench foot' is a drone/noise band from Salamanca, Spain. This is an experimental projects that from an anarchist perspective wants to talk about the modern bourgeois State based on three important pillars that sustain it: the importance of state institutions, the ethics of health and welfare, and the monopoly of violence. I'm going to translate what was send to me because I find this important to comprehend:

"The first song includes a text file (I think you can read from Bandcamp), in which I propose that the creation of the State arises as a way to maintain control over the population once the theological substrate falls, being necessary to resort to something so ineffable and transcendent as laws. Given this, I propose to go to the myth of Hercules to decapitate the absolute power of the bourgeois state.
In the second (actually third) I sample some verses of Artaud, the poet of the disease, where the disease is claimed as a way of life. I think the hygienist tendency, which lasts to our days, does not seek health as an end in itself, but sees it as a pretext for greater productive force: a greater health, greater efficiency at work. The best oil to the machinery of capital are healthy people.
And the last song is based in the Weberian thesis that the state is the monopoly of legitimate violence, to claim all violence against the State itself. Hence the name, as it is based on Mateo Morral, a Spanish anarchist who tried to undermine Alfonso XIII in his mouth throwing a bomb with a bouquet of flowers."

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