Saturday, October 29, 2016

S.A.S (SatAnarchist Apparition Storm)

Well, S.A.S are a Raw Anarchist Black Metal band from Florida. They have been part of the V/A "Resistance: Anti-NSBM compilation vol.2 made by the crew of The Dark Skies Above Us. 
I have received their music, available only on Youtube which i'm attaching here, hoping you can give them a listen. I'm also quoting part of the message for you to know more about the band...

"In short this project was to release some anger I had towards the police in the state of Florida after having my rights trampled upon. The lyrical themes have to do with the Greek gods together with the souls of fallen Pagan warriors, witches and revolutionaries of old rising together in a spiritual conquest through raging thunderstorms, hurricanes, and tornadoes, riots and the evocation of my own personal soul energy to target the POLICE, destroying them completely through obliteration and tearing their uniforms into shreds!!! A TOTAL downfall of fascism worldwide and a big fat FUCK YOU to both neo nazis and cops!"


  1. fuck the system!
    100% Satanist
    100% libertarian
    100% anti christian
    nazis, anticommunist nationalist, capitalist, cops and christians are the same shit, scumbags!

    1. AGREED!!! Thank you for the comment on my song!!!!