Friday, August 5, 2016

Anti-Freeze - "Red & Anarchist Black Metal" (Split w/ PunaTerrori) (2016)

ANTI-FREEZE "Red & Anarchist Black Metal" (Split w/PunaTerrori

Year: 2016
Genre: Black Metal
  1. Choose your side
  2. Capitalist dirge
Facebook / Bandcamp (unavailable since December 2016, but both tracks can be found here)

Anti-Freeze is the solo project of Preston Ell currently based in London, Ontario and originating in the village of Wheatley and PunaTerrori is a Finnish one-man Communist (Marxist-Leninist) Black Metal band formed in 2013.

This is a split dedicated to militant anti-fascism and revolution. 

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  1. Complete tracklisting:

    Side A
    1. PunaTerrori - The Solution
    2. PunaTerrori - The Oppressed Majority of the World
    3. PunaTerrori - The Thoughts of Mao Tse Tung (Panzergrav cover)
    Side B
    4. Anti-Freeze - Choose Your Side
    5. Anti-Freeze - Capitalist Dirge
    6. Anti-Freeze - The Day The Nazi Died (Chumbawamba cover)