Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Depravation - "Feast with the rats" (2016)

DEPRAVATION "Feast with the rats"

Year: 2016
Genre: Blackened Hardcore
Country: Germany
  1. Feast with the rats
  2. Gift
  3. Submerge
  4. Merest

Depravation is a Blackened Hardcore band from Giessen Germany. Their previous releases has been reviewed on our blog before, so if you want to check them go here
Feast with rats is a 12" release with 4 tracks and a b-side screenprint.
They have it up for free download at their bandcamp site. 

Personaly, I found this very interesting, this is a band with such a powerful sound and great lyrics so take the time to listen 

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Contra//Historia - "Caminando sobre las ruinas de la naturaleza" (2016)

CONTRA//HISTORIA "Caminando sobre las ruinas de la naturaleza" (Walking above the ruins of nature)

Year: 2016
Genre: Punk
Country: México

Track List:
  1. Progreso (Progress)
  2. El sombrio cobijo de la ciudad (The somber shelter of the city)
  3. Escapa al desierto (Escape to the desert)
  4. Derribando las murallas (Tearing down the walls)
  5. El conformismo es una prisión para tu mente (Conformism is a prison for your mind)
  6. Muerte (Death)
  7. Yo no quiero ser una calavera (I don't want to be a skull)
  8. Cenizas (Ashes)
  9. Intenta contrarrestarlo (Try counter it)
  10. Ataca (Attack)

Contra//Historia is a Mexican Anarcopunk band, this is their first album.
You can listen the full streaming on Youtube


Monday, August 15, 2016

Discum / Inerte "Split" (2016)


Year: 2016
Genre: Crust Punk
Country: México

Track List:
  1. Why I must die?
  2. New world disorder
  3. Legal Annihilation
Facebook / Bandcamp

Discum is a one man band from México that has been featured here before. This is a new split with the band "Inerte". Listen and download in the bandcamp site. 

Friday, August 5, 2016

Anti-Freeze - "Red & Anarchist Black Metal" (Split w/ PunaTerrori) (2016)

ANTI-FREEZE "Red & Anarchist Black Metal" (Split w/PunaTerrori

Year: 2016
Genre: Black Metal
  1. Choose your side
  2. Capitalist dirge
Facebook / Bandcamp (unavailable since December 2016, but both tracks can be found here)

Anti-Freeze is the solo project of Preston Ell currently based in London, Ontario and originating in the village of Wheatley and PunaTerrori is a Finnish one-man Communist (Marxist-Leninist) Black Metal band formed in 2013.

This is a split dedicated to militant anti-fascism and revolution. 

Anti-Freeze - "Sky burial (split w/ Some Men)" (2016)

ANTI-FREEZE "Sky burial (split w/ Some Men)"

Year: 2016
Genre: Post Black Metal
  1. Among the trees
  2. Protect you
  3. Shreds of faith
Sky Burial is a split effort between the post-metal project Some Men and Anti-Freeze. Very much a contemporary take on a variety of different post-metal, neocrust, and dark music for fans of such things.