Saturday, June 25, 2016

Timekiller - "Stagnant" (2016)

Timekiller "Stagnant"

Genre: Raw punk
Year: 2016
Country: Brazil


     1. Stagnant
     2. Narcissist
     3. Restless/No Rest
     4. Bends
     5. Vapid
     6. Tremor


Timekiller are a rawpunk/hardcore band from Brazil. This is the short chat i've whit them.

 "I l­ived in Rio de Janeiro for a few years wh­ere I started the band with Douglas (sing­er/songwriter) of deaf kids. We released ­our "bleed out" ep which was released on ­noise of hell records and was on cvlt nat­ions top 6 raw punk records of 2014. Shor­tly after that a split with Timekiller an­d deaf kids was released. I am no longer in brazil but I am now in Vietnam and our­ "stagnant" ep is finally done mixed and ­mastered. I play all of the instruments o­n the records except for drums. The drumm­er on this record is chad lumsden from Co­llapsian. A kind of doom metal band from ­USA. While the band is no longer based ou­t of brazil, we still maintain that the b­and is from brazil/USA because I often go­ back there and that is where much of the­ songwriting and recording happens. We ar­e influenced by hardcore and Motörhead bu­t still enjoy noisy atmospheric bands lik­e swans. We try to incorporate that into ­our music as much as possible. A good mix­ of aggressive hardcore but also emotiona­l and paranoid at times. We are looking f­or a label who will release this record i­n a physical format but until then we hav­e it for download on our bandcamp"


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