Monday, January 11, 2016

Vlaknasta - "Sondaža materničnih žalosti" (2015)

VLAKNASTA "Sondaža materničnih žalosti (A sondage of cervical sorrows)"

Year: 2015
Genre: Black Noise
Country: Slovenia

Track List:
  1. Paradigma skrbi
  2. O sanjah in ploskosti

A new tape released by Slovenia-based Štrigon Records (see also Human Host Body). Vlaknasta is described as "a black metal/atonal improv-compositional project, a meeting of black metal intensities, sound forms and expressive tropes with atonal improvisation, free-noise drumming, experimental composition and a parellel process of text generation, an attempt to write through different perceptions of female pain, occult currents of experience, both a breaking through and a being-part-of hearing that which is". Surely it's stuff not for everyone's liking, but those who do like noisy BM shouldn't be disappointed.

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