Thursday, December 24, 2015

V/A - "Love Music Hate Borders" (2015)

V/A - "Love Music Hate Borders"

Year: 2015
Genre: Various (Mostly Crust)
Country: Various

  1. Cancer Spreading - Ghastly Visions
  2. Spermafrost - Sogginess, Leches, Workless
  3. Uhrit - Tyranny
  4. The Kroni - Dope War
  5. Deathcharge - Holocausto
  6. Adacta - Katastrofy
  7. URA - Comentiendo Errores
  8. Wilt - Flames at Down
  9. Lust For Death - Nothing
  10. Nazka - Piss of the System
  11. Cloud Rat - At Peace in Hell
  12. Victims of Classwar - A Heart for the Butcher
  13. Barque - The Necromancer
  14. Disclone - Shattered Life
  15. Amara - Endless Bullshit
  16. La Floraison de la Fin Onirique - Capitano
  17. Catholic Youth - Pro Life Sucks
  18. Artigo DZ9 - Sobre a Guerra
  19. Exilent - If Rights Exist on Papers Only
  20. Pigpride - Stigma
  21. Rancor - Minha Utopia Seu Desespero
  22. Ruptra - Exillo
  23. Aurea - VII
  24. Angoracold - Satancio Pandemonium
  25. Hieros Gamos - Diaz (Blood Flows)
  26. Segregated - Provided Lies
  27. Zerum - 0100
  28. Silence Means Death - A Senseless War
  29. Hellskum - No Solution
  30. Bombardo - Solldado Lazallamas
  31. Peste - The Way to Freedom
  32. Auralskit - Peace is Lies

"100% of the proceeds of this compilation will go toward: 

The No Border Camp of Ventimiglia started on the 11th of June, when a group of migrant moved on the rocks in order to resist the police eviction, identification and continue to struggle for their freedom. 

From that day solidarity networks from different territories have been working to build a permanent laboratory of resistance to repressive politics we see in action on borders. 

From Lampedusa to Calais passing through Ventimiglia, migrant people in their everyday life are not free to move around Europe in search of a life better than a mere survival. 

The No Border Camp host different collectives and individuals coming from different backgrounds, having in common the desire to oppose the discriminatory logic of power and to fight for their freedom of movement, not only for migrants but for all those people that are suffering from the restrictions of freedom. 


No Border Camp - Ventimiglia"

TDSAU facilitates another cool digital-only comp to raise money for The No Border Camp, a worthy cause for the crisis at hand. Mostly made up of crust but there are a good number of bands that really stick out. Was happy to see Cloud Rat on this as they're always great. The URA track is also pretty intense.

Pay what you want downloadability.

- P.


  1. I think bands like this are missing the point... Black metal is HATRED and INTOLERANCE - NO compromise. This is hippie bullshit. It's sad when people who obviously do not understand the most basic principles of black metal try to adopt it, thinking it's just a "musical genre" - and not a way of life, a way of thought. BLACK METAL is not a "SOUND" or a certain way to tune guitar or set your distortion pedal. It's in the HEART of the INDIVIDUAL... and this kind of stuff MAKES ME SICK. Hail my black soul.