Sunday, August 30, 2015

Mother Earth - demo MMXV (2015)


Year: 2015
Genre: Blackened Crust
Country: Guatemala

Track List:
  1. Su Progreso Nuestra Muerte
  2. Holocausto Ambiental
  3. Usutz'al Juyub' Sampual'
  4. 500 Años De Muerte
  5. El Oro O La Vida

Here's environmentalist blackened crust/d-beat from Guatemala, which is a quite rare thing. Found it thanks to and D-Beat Warriors. The demo is fairly short and consists of 5 reasonably raw sounding tracks. As far as I can understand, the lyrics are about environmentalism, anti-neoliberalism, and native/pre-Columbian civilizations of the Americas (not sure about the last one, though).

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