Wednesday, June 17, 2015

V/A - "Jdi a dívej se" (2015)

V/A "Jdi a dívej se"

Year: 2015
Genre: Black Metal
Country: Czech Republic

Track List:
  1. Kruh - V břízách
  2. Pustina - Tuk v okenních tabulkách
  3. Marnost - Mstivá kantiléna
  4. sgra - veiled
  5. Doppelgänger of Death - Lost
  6. Lichens - Podlehnutí
  7. Lichens - Odloučení
  8. Smuteční slavnost - Plátno moře

One of my readers recently made a good observation that the Czech underground scene is quicky becoming  a new major RABM powerhouse. Taking in account how many good Czech bands I've posted on here, especially in the last couple of years, it's hard not to agree with him. This compilation, featuring 7 Czech anarcho-friendly BM bands, is yet another good proof to this.

Its name, "Jdi a dívej se", is a reference to a well-known ant-fascist movie "Come and See" by Elem Klimov. It's going to be released as double vinyl LP on 1st of July, and will be distributed by Day After Records. More info (in English and Czech) can be found on its bandcamp page.

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