Friday, February 13, 2015

Efferat - "okuukun tl amon rosesn bsrer" (2015)

Efferat - Okuukun tl Amon Rosesn Bsrer

Year: 2015
Genre: Post-Metal, Atmospheric Black Metal
Country: USA/Canada

Track Listing
  1. Theravada
  2. Tagati
  3. Devadatta
  4. Grimlor
  5. Rage of Leoshitus

Had this come in recently and it's quite the release. So far you get this really interesting blend of raw atmospheric black metal with these jazzy sections that often fade into some sort of ambient interlude. For a three piece, they really fill the space and I could only imagine that this is some wicked shit to see live.

I'm not really sure of the band's history but they appear to be a project between people from Philadelphia and Toronto. Maybe I'll run into them someday being from near Toronto myself...


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