Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Modern Dark Age - "The End Of Eternity" (2014)

MODERN DARK AGE "The End Of Eternity"

Year: 2014
Genre: Black/Death Metal, Blackened Crust
Country: USA

Track List:
  1. Darkened Dreams
  2. Vivisection Of An Empire
  3. The Dark Age Has Arrived
  4. The End Of Eternity

I'm back but not for long. A couple of my readers offered me their help with reviews, so I hope we'll have more active co-editors pretty soon. In the meanwhile, I just have listened to the newest release from Modern Dark Age, one of the first blackened crust projects I got to know about.

MDA started as an one-man project by Dave Jay in 2008, and got some publicity in the myspace group "Black Metal Anarchists" (the only RABM resource on the net back then) shortly thereafter. However, the first full-length release came out only in 2013, followed by this EP in 2014:

"From 2011 to mid 2013, very little activity occurred in Modern Dark Age. Dave Jay suffered a major injury which subsequently resulted in permanent nerve damage in his right arm. This has drastically affected any ability to play instruments and compose or record new material.

After multiple medical procedures and a nerve transposition surgery from 2011 through 2013, there still has been no actual healing or relief from said nerve damage. This is the reason for such lengthy period of inactivity.

Despite this painful and limiting effect on the ability to produce material in the previous capacity or timeliness, Modern Dark Age has been pushing through all of this. Little by little, Dave Jay has been slowly building new material. The majority of this work is completing 2 unfinished full length albums"

Dave Jay describes the ideology behind the project as follows:

"With the background and influences of Crust Punk plus a heavy interest in Black Metal, the need for my expression in this world exists as Modern Dark Age. We are technologically advanced, yet always falling into an abyss of archaic thinking and societal decay. We have the ability to excel, yet many choose this declension. Now is the Modern Dark Age..."

I don't know if he's aware of the existence of my blog, but hopefully he won't be against this EP being posted on here. It's a really good mix of BM and metallic crust, recorded during 2013-2014 and released on 9th Meridian Records 23 September 2014.

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  1. Pretty unique sound, I love it :)

  2. Last track is great. You run a fantastic fucken blog, dude.