Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Solitary Depression - "Her Lament" (2014)


Year: 2014
Genre: Dark Ambient / Drone
Country: Sri Lanka 

Track List:
  1. Into the Void
  2. Her Lament
  3. Dead Dream
  4. Her Demise

As promised in my previous entry, here's another release coming from Sri Lanka. Solitary Depression is an one-man band started in 2009 as a DSBM project, but this EP seems to be pure ambient/drone to me.

Another Sri Lankan band that's certainly aware about the existence of my blog is Forlorn Hope, one of the first BM bands from there (formed in 2002, even before Funeral In Heaven). Their new album "Diabolism" is going to be out in mid-2015, but I'm not sure if it should be on here, since their lyrics are mostly about standard misanthropic stuff.

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