Monday, October 27, 2014

Siberian Hell Sounds & NØNE - split (2014)


Year: 2014
Genre: Grindcore, Metallic Hardcore
Country: Australia 

Track List:
  1. SHS///By the voice of his Master
  2. NØNE///Reap///Finding a Way
  3. SHS///A Cult will rise.

You're already familiar with Siberian Hell Sounds, and here's their new release after a 6 months-long hiatus - a split 10'' with their fellow Brisbanites NØNE. The band themselves recommend it to the fans of Pig Destroyer, Amenra or Converge (or basically any bands that sound similar to the aforementioned). Unfortunately, they can't put it up for free for the following reasons (although you still can listen to it @ bandcamp):

"It would be great if we were able to give these songs away for free and not have to subsist on a diet of Mi Goreng and crack for the next year but unfortunately we were reamed pretty fucking hard on the cost of putting this together and can't afford to put together a vinyl order without a bit of support from you.

 We put a lot of effort into our products and sell them as close to cost price as possible and will never release or sell anything that we wouldn't personally be stoked on. If you're reading this it means you're already properly engaged with the DIY music scene and I don't have to expound upon grindcore's ability to empty your bank account in the funnest way possible..."

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