Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Parusía - "Y Su Noche No Tendrá Fin" (2014)

PARUSÍA "Y Su Noche No Tendrá Fin"

Year: 2014
Genre: Neocrust, Post-Metal
Country: Spain 

Track List:
  1. Cajas Destemplás (Introducción)
  2. Brumas de Desesperanza
  3. Víctimas De Una Sinrazón
  4. Secretos en la Oscuridad
  5. La Misma Muerte Que Hoy Nos Separa, Nos Reunirá Algún Día
  6. Vuestro Silencio Os Hace Complices
  7. ...Y Su Noche No Tendrá Fin


Julio • Drums
Adri • Bass
Samu • Guitar
Fran • Vocals & Guitar 

Parusía are a neocrust band from Andalusia (South-West Spain). All the 4 members are involved in the metal/harcore/punk scene since the beggining of the 00’s with other several bands, and describe their current style as: "a mixture of metal, doom, d-beat, hardcore etc taking as mayor influences bands such as Ekkaia, Ictus, Momentum, Protestant, Horseback etc." 

Release notes:

"The lyrics are in spanish but I have translated all of them and all the info related to the album since it is a conceptual album dealing with anarchism, anti-fascism and the problems with despots in Andalusia, something that (sadly) still lives on here. It’s about the Mano Negra (Black Hand) group, a ‘terrorist’ group (it was a secret political group), acused by the spanish goverment of that time (late 19th century) of crimes that they did not do in order to stop a peasant rebellion"


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