Saturday, July 12, 2014

AHAFAS - "Ad Astra" (2014)

AHAFAS "Ad Astra"

Year: 2014
Genre: Harsh Noise Wall
Country: USA

Track List:
  1. Severity
  2. Balance
  3. Mercy

Another HNW project from Portland, OR, strongly recommended if you liked "Simple Death" by SBTDOH:

"...I feel the most effective form of anarchy is personal freedom. Individualism and isolationism, though not entirely by choice, mostly due to a disconnection with most of society, whether "counter-culture" or "mainstream". This outlet is a direct response to the world, it's terror and confusion, all the lost souls grasping for a meaning they will under understand or know. The track titles represent the pillars of the tree of life, the word AHAFAS or a hundred and fifty and six, the number of BABALON and KAOS, currents and metaphysical concepts that connect us. I feel that magick is am important tool of self empowerment/freedom/anarchy, specifically "chaos" magick (though I don't like to adhere/identify to any particular ideology, even "chaos" dogma is just as confining as any other) due to it's anarchic nature and focus on DIY methodology, direct action on a personal level, i.e. internally, through consciousness shift, and externally through action and example. Perhaps that could be seen as a 'cop out' but I really don't see the point in devoting time and energy into standoffs between two polarized opposites, where each clash will drive either force further and more violently apart. I reject 'their' (establishment, hateful, selfish ignorant, warmongering, elitists, seekers of 'power' and control) magnetism which renders their influence over me, and those around me, non-existent.

Usually, I try not to inundate others with my 'beliefs' unprovoked, but in this case it is directly connected with my creative expression and ideology, as it is a reflection to my anarchic/humanist nature.

Way too much info?

It's a ritual entropy, in the form of harsh noise/wall. I'd like to share it with anyone who'll listen..."

P.S. There's a couple more projects that could be of interest for the fans of noise. First, "Shadows... And The Things You Fear" - a DIY ambient/noise release whose author haven't provided much info about himself (judging from his name, he might be from the former Yugoslavia - but that's all I could guess). Second, "Come in My Friend, The Ritual is About to Begin" - a new release from Jud Winter, whom you may know for his project Goths On Drugs. It's quite strange stuff, and I absolutely can't guarantee if you'll like it. The author himself calls it "avant-garde black metal/psychedelic noise/industrial".

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