Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Olsen's Crypt - "Algo se Mueve en el Viejo Cementerio" (2006)

THE OLSEN'S CRYPT ""Algo se Mueve en el Viejo Cementerio"

Year: 2006
Genre: Raw Black Metal
Country: $-pain

Track List:
  1. Mi Mente es el Jardín donde juegan los Niños Muertos
  2. Alimentar la Muerte con la Vida
  3. En la Sombra del Bosque
  4. Últimas Palabras...

The Olsen's Crypt (now called Nigra Eucharistia) was the first one-man project of Guayota from the Canary islands, who's also playing in Muert ("true" BM), Death Above (crossover thrash), and most importantly - he's a drummer and founding member of Oi! Se Arma (RASH):

So far, the only release of The Olsen's Crypt is this short raw demo from 2006, but Guayota says he's going to edit some new material pretty soon, under a new name (N.E.). If you're interested, keep an eye on the updates @ facebook.

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  1. Nigra Eucharistia is the new name. He released a 4 way split cd, called Unholy sound of forgotten lands with canary´s black metal bands Nephilim, Unholy Path and Varkel.