Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Eye Unclouded - "Listening" (2014)


Year: 2011
Genre: Progressive Metal, Instrumental Black Metal
Country: USA

Track List:
  1. Glow of Permanence
  2. Above, At Rest
  3. Center
  4. The Unattainable
  5. Listening

The Eye Unclouded is an avant-garde metal project from Minneapolis. Although this EP has no lyrics, it's a kind of a concept album:

"At its core, The Eye Unclouded is the elemental non serviam- a thousand yells into a void of absolutes. It is a sonic representation of individualism, defiance, and spiritual decay and rebirth. These and other progressive concepts are integral to TEU's art...", and according to TEU, many of said concepts are shared by my blog.

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