Thursday, April 10, 2014

Hunter-Gatherer - Singles (2014)


Year: 2014
Genre: Black Metal/Noise
Country: Canada

Track List:

  1. Peștera cu Oase
  2. Escarpment
  3. Wendigo
This isn't really one release, but rather three singles released within a month of each other.  Peștera cu Oase and Wendigo are lo-fi Black Metal while Escarpment is really a noise track of manipulated reverb.  Hunter-Gatherer is a one man project from London, Ontario, Canada focusing on protecting the environment from corporate greed.  He is "currently working on a demo that is anti pipeline and tar sands entitled "The Great Hole In The Earth," and my first full-length release that I am recording in May to put out on cassette in June."  Personally, the most interesting track is Peștera cu Oase.  The politics of the project certainly fit with the blog.  If you are interested in lof-fi Black Metal, you can download all three tracks from the Bandcamp page below. - Hayduke X


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