Sunday, April 27, 2014

Ahna/Contorture - Split 7" (2014)


Year: 2014
Genre: Crust/Death & D-Beat
Country: Canada & Sweden

Track List:

Ahna Side

  1. Living in Fear
  2. Terrorized
Contorture Side
  1. punk to pass the time
  2. level of freedom
  3. no
  4. equal boundaries
Ahna, as prolific as ever, is releasing another split, this time a 7" with Swedish D-Beat band Contorture.  As before, neither is particularly blackened.  Both have some political leanings which fit well with this blog.  I believe both the music and politics are of interest to the readers of this blog and worth supporting.  Ahna shows a really aggressive streak with Living in Fear (including a beautiful buzzing guitar attack) and then turns a little slower, drawing on more of their death influences for Terrorized.  Contorture brings a self-described "feminist fury" to their angry, fast d-beat attack.  They featured somewhat fuzzed out guitar work and a vicious double vocal attack.  This was my introduction to them, and it leaves me wanting to hear more.

The Ahna side can be downloaded from their Bandcamp, but for the moment, you can only stream the Contorture side.  I'll add a download link when I receive it.  In the meantime, I'll link to both Bandcamp pages.  Hayduke X

Ahna bandcamp / Contorture bandcamp

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Falls Of Rauros & Panopticon - split (2014, trailer)

As you may have already guessed, I'm not active in this blog mostly because there's much more important stuff going on in my region right now. Perhaps I should write a detailed post (or maybe even a series of posts) about the events in Ukraine and their global impact, but right now I don't even know where to begin from, and the whole crisis is far from being ended yet. In the meanwhile, some good news: a Panopticon/Falls Of Rauros split 12'' was released on Bindrune Recs. Track list:

  1. Through Mountains I Wander This Evening
  2. Can you Loan me a Raven?
  3. Gods of Flame
  4. One Cold Night
Falls Of Rauros
  1. Unavailing
  2. The Purity of Isolation
Here's a (nearly 17 minutes-long) trailer of it:

If you like what you're hearing, you can orded the split here. ($16.00, black vinyl, limited to 500 copies).

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Wisent - Total Liberation (2014)


Year: 2014
Genre: Ambient Black Metal
Country: Germany

Track List

  1. Erda
  2. Blestem
  3. Extinction
  4. Total Liberation
  5. Bialowieza
  6. Hvidøen

Wisent is a new project from Germany focusing politically on total liberation, including a move to veganism.  There is a lengthy statement on their Bandcamp where they stress that this is a logical move to make as environmentalists and anarchists based on the meat industry being one of dominance.  Musically, they provide dense, mid-tempo, mostly instrumental Black Metal.  The final track is the strongest in my opinion, but the whole album is worth checking out.  Take the time to visit their Bandcamp to read their statement on their politics and to download the superior quality files not found in the download link.  This is a project worth supporting if you can afford to.  Hayduke X


Inatroneegou - When Dread Forbids Dread (2014)


Year: 2014
Genre: Black Metal
Country: USA

Track List:

  1. Feast of the Iniquitous Conception
  2. A Banner of Meat that Bleeds
  3. A Man of Silence
  4. Universe Thickness
Inatroneegou gives us mostly mid-tempo instrumental Black Metal.  The first track is a strong and interesting listen.  The following two are not bad efforts, but drag a bit for my tastes.  Finally, Universe Thickness comes on like a storm of needles combined with an auditory bludgeon.  The tempo on this track is a little quicker and the intensity is upped a lot.  By far, the last track is the best one. 

In their own words, from their Bandcamp page:  "The sound of Inatroneegou has been described as "where Von meets Peter Brötzmann, Hanatarash, and Glenn Branca." It is of shattering impact, density, and malice; their heavily improvised, composed, and de-composed black metal instrumentals."

Though their Bandcamp tells us they are from somewhere in Michigan in the United States (as am I), they have the following to say about location:  "On where we come from, we have nothing to say, except that nationality doesn't mean shit to us, and that we're disgusted with the nationalistic stupidities of the Norwegian scene as Nietzsche was with those of Wagner's."

Though I don't have a download link for this one, the album is available free on Bandcamp.

Hayduke X


Hunter-Gatherer - Singles (2014)


Year: 2014
Genre: Black Metal/Noise
Country: Canada

Track List:

  1. Peștera cu Oase
  2. Escarpment
  3. Wendigo
This isn't really one release, but rather three singles released within a month of each other.  Peștera cu Oase and Wendigo are lo-fi Black Metal while Escarpment is really a noise track of manipulated reverb.  Hunter-Gatherer is a one man project from London, Ontario, Canada focusing on protecting the environment from corporate greed.  He is "currently working on a demo that is anti pipeline and tar sands entitled "The Great Hole In The Earth," and my first full-length release that I am recording in May to put out on cassette in June."  Personally, the most interesting track is Peștera cu Oase.  The politics of the project certainly fit with the blog.  If you are interested in lof-fi Black Metal, you can download all three tracks from the Bandcamp page below. - Hayduke X


Saturday, April 5, 2014

Drom & Moro Moro Land - split (2014)


Year: 2014
Genre: Post-(Black) Metal, Post-Hardcore, Sludge
Country: Czech Republic / Russia

Track List:
  1. Drom - Věčný hlad
  2. Drom - Kopí v zádech zabodlé
  3. Moro Moro Land - Endless Parade
  4. Moro Moro Land - Speak

Digital release: 14.3.2014
CD & LP: 10.4.2014

LP released by:
 Skin & Bones Records (UK), Monotonstudio (DE), Naše Desky (CZ), SAVRVS Brothers (HU), Holy Goat Records (DE) , Negation Records (DE), Eastrain Rec (FR), Terror Night (CZ), Gorgona Records (RU)

Recorded by Anden Music
Mixed by Jan Šmejkal at Anden Music
Mastered by James Plotkin

Moro Moro Land:
Recorded by Alexey "Batyr" Basyrov at CORSO Studio
Mixed and mastered by Jasmin Dasovic

Artwork by Kuba Sokolski

This is the second release by Negation Records which I mentioned in my previous entry, and the one they're especially proud of. I think Drom need no introduction, because the regular readers of my blog probably have listened to their 2012 album "HECTOP" (dedicated to Nestor Makhno) already. For the fellow residents of Eastern Europe: if you want to see them live, don't miss your opportunity this month! Tour dates:

10.04 - "Kontajner", Žilina
11.04 - "Cassbar", Košice

12.04 - "Kaktus", Uzhgorod
13.04 - "Ether", Kiev (w/ Rings of Rhea)
14.04 - "God`s Garage", Zhytomyr

15.04 - "Винтаж", Minsk (w/ I.Witness)

17.04 - "Станок", Nizhny Novgorod (w/ Moro Moro Land)
18.04 - "Project V", Moscow (w/ Minaret, Nimrud)
19.04 - "Бар «Жопа»" (what a great venue name! -B.K.), St. Petersburg (w/ Hvøsch)

23.04 - "Nabaklab", Rīga

24.04 - "Underground Pub", Kaunas

25.04 - "Klubojadalnia Eufemia", Warsaw (w/ Merkabah)
26.04 - (TBA), Kraków (w/ Bagna)

Widerwertig - "Träger rostender Maschinerie" (2014)

WIDERWERTIG "Träger rostender Maschinerie"

Year: 2014
Genre: DSBM, Depressive Rock
Country: Germany

Track List:
  1. Wurmfraktur Schiffbruch
  2. Cutting Ouroboros
  3. Die Zahnpasta der letzten Tage
  4. Yngähshmiz Czouczee
  5. Mein aphatischer Schrei im leeren Raum einer sterbenden Welt
  6. Vualkhoma

A new LP from Widerwertig, a trio from Bavaria which already have appeared on my blog not so long ago.  Raw and avantgardistic instrumental BM, released by Negation Records. There's one more album that's going to be released very soon by the same label, which I'll post a little bit later.