Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Haven't posted anything here for a long time due to serious problems with my internet connection. Right now the only option for me is to post via 3g modem, which is pretty slow, so I doubt I'd be able to upload much. Hope my co-editors will help me, though.

And right now I want to post this song, which is dedicated to various Kurdish resistance movements - including the YPG, which currently the last hope for Syria and the only significant armed group in the modern world that's heavily influenced by anarchist ideas (namely Murray Bookchin's anarcho-federalism):

Most people in this video aren't members of YPG, though - mostly HPG and other groups related to the Kurdish Workers' Party (PKK). Personally I don't know much about PKK, but the opinion of Kurdish anarchists on them (judging from the interviews I've read) is pretty low. YPG, on the other side, are a completely legit rebel group that has a lot of anarchist qualities, and they're doing very good in the recent few months - for example, they have completely defeated the al-Nusra Front and the Islamic State of Iraq & Levant in the whole region of Ras al-Ayn (northern Syria) with very little losses, and also took over the strategic town of Tel-Kojar (al-Yarubiya) near the border crossing with Iraq. With more than 40000 militants on their side (not only Kurds, but also Arabs, Armenians, Assyrians), YPG is currently one of the most powerful rebel armies in Syria.

Of course Cihan Kilic's song is hardly metal, but unfortunately there's not much Kurdish rock & metal at all - most of their political music is folk and rap. Check out this band from Turkish Kurdistan, though:

That'll be enough for today, I think. Hope I'd be able to post at least some more music in the next few weeks (I have a lot of submissions, but i definitely don't think I'd be able to post all of it on my own...)

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